Teal color and its meaning

what color is teal

What color is teal? The teal color is located between blue and green on the color wheel. In fact, teal is what’s known as a tertiary color on the color wheel. Teal is equal parts green mixed with equal parts of blue. The meaning of the color teal is balance and tranquility. The word teal comes from the name of the common teal, a duck that has a blue-green colored stripe on its head.

The color teal comes from the Common teal duck

This blue green color is also one of the initial group of 16 original HTML/CSS web colors ratified in 1999. The 1990s was when teal peaked in popularity. The teak color code is #008080.

color teal
Color Name teal
Hex Code#008080
RGB0, 128, 128

Teal Color Facts

  • The first recorded use of teal was in the early 1900s.
  • Teal was a favorite color in the 1950s and 60s.
  • Teal blue is also the name of a Crayola crayon color (color #113) from 1990 to 2003.

Teal’s popularity in the ’90s can be seen in the sports world. Of the 22 new teams that joined the major professional leagues during this time, six chose this color uniforms. A total of 13 teal teams in the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL used the color.

Colors that go with teal

Bright white and teal color combination

Bright white gives teal the spotlight in this classic color combination. This is a clean minimalist way to use a bold teal color in your home decor. Teal and white make a beautiful light and dark contrasting pair.

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Coral and light teal color scheme

Coral and teal has a fun, young look—perfect for a teen’s bedroom or a baby nursery. Coral is a warm pink orange that adds energy to the moody dark blue green.

teal and coral, light teal
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teal and cream color combination

Rather than the stark contrast of bright white and teal, cream adds a bit of warmth to teal. This combination can be a little more muted and it can give the room a clean yet traditional look.

teal and cream, teal color, teal blue
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light teal and navy blue

Teal and navy are a analogous color combination perfect for the bathroom. Use tile or paint the bathroom walls with wall paint from Sherwin-Williams. Check out this article for ideas on bathroom paint colors.

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teal and brown living room

A teal and brown color scheme is a popular living room color scheme. This is a masculine color combination. Dark wood furniture and moody blue wall color turns a large open room into an intimate space for connecting with friends.

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Pink and teal color scheme

Pink, especially light pink, coordinates with teal blue to create a feminine boho look. Pink complements teal because half of teal is made up of green. Green is the complementary color of red and pink is just a lighter shade or red.

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teal goes with yellow

Teal and yellow is a very popular color combination for any room of the house. The dark teal walls make this light buttery yellow pop. This is a calming color palette because the colors are next to each other on the color wheel. To see more about colors that go with yellow check out my blog post.

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Is teal blue or green?

Whether you call it teal green or teal blue, you are correct. Teal is equal parts of green and blue mixed together.

The meaning of teal is intuitive and insightful. Because teal is a 50-50 blend of blue’s tranquil stability and green’s optimism and healing properties, it is a balanced color. It inspires restfulness and spiritual balance. The color teal is sophisticated and elegant, but still bold.

meaning of the color teal

People who like teal said to be are reliable, independent people. They are creative and are not ones to go along with the crowd. The color promotes clear thinking and communication.

Tibetan monks believe that teal represents the infinity of the sea and sky, while it is the color of truth and faith for Egyptians.

Color Teal vs Green vs Blue and Ultramarine

Green #008000 RGB 0, 128, 0

Teal #008080 RGB 0. 128, 128

Blue #0000FF RGB 0, 0, 255

Ultramarine #3F00FF RGB 63, 0, 255

Is Teal Trendy? Home Decor Uses

Yes, the color teal is somewhat timeless. Teal is one of those colors that is energetic and uplifting, yet calming and peaceful at the same time. The combination of blue and green give the color balance making teal blue a popular choice throughout the years. Moody dark teal in a room inspires creativity. It can also create a cozy feel to your room as if you were wrapped in a cocoon of color.

the meaning of the color teal

Consider using the color scheme for a study or home office where you need the ideas to flow, but you also can alleviate work stress. Teal is also on our list of the top 7 bathroom paint colors.

Tones of Teal

There are many shades of teal. For example, light teal blue is vibrant and is a perfect match with bright white. The opposite color on the color wheel, coral, looks fabulous with the cool of this teal.

Light Blue Teal (Teal Blue Crayola) #18A7B5

Teal #008080

Teal blue is more blue and cooler than the other teals so far. While some blues may give you the blues, this one is uplifting and youthful. It, like the other teals can help you communicate more clearly and be more creative. This is a pretty shade for a home office or study.

Teal Blue #367588

Steel teal is a cooler version of teal with grey undertones. It is almost a neutral color thanks to the gray. This makes steel teal a popular choice for contemporary designs. The color communicates tranquility and growth.

Steel Teal #5F8A8B

Dark teal green is deep, dark dramatic. This color is good for lifting your mood and giving you mental focus. It calms, yet energizes you at the same time. This color is best used as an accent unless your room gets plenty of natural light.

Teal Green #006D5B

Shades of Teal

Alice Blue #F0F8FF

Light Aquamarine (Sharpie) #EDFEFF

Bubbles #E7FEFF

Pale Turquoise #AFEEEE

Powder Blue #B0E0E6

Light Blue #ADD8E6

Ultra Blue (Blizzard Blue Crayola) #A3E3ED

Pale Robin Egg Blue #96DED1

Light Keppel #8DDCD3

Aquamarine (Crayola Light Teal) #7FFFD4

Aquamarine Blue (Crayola Aquamarine) #71D9E2

Baby Blue #89CFFD

Electric Blue #7DF9FF

Cyan (web color Aqua) #00FFFF

Turquoise Blue #00FFEF

Bright Turquoise #08E8DE

Turquoise #30D5C8

Maya Blue #73C2FB

Capri #00BFFF

Process Cyan #00B7EB

Bright Cerulean (Crayola Cerulean) #02A4D3

Deep Turquoise #00CED1

Robin Egg Blue #00CCCC

Medium Turquoise #48D1CC

Medium Aquamarine #66CDAA

Keppel #3AB09E

Light Sea Green #20B2AA

Light Teal Blue (Crayola Teal Blue) #18A7B5

Water #96ABA5

Cadet Blue #5F9EA0

Viridian #40826D

Pine Green (Crayola) #01796F

Dark Cyan #008B8B

Teal #008080

Water Blue #256D7B

Teal Blue #367588

Deep Aquamarine #40827D

Blue-Green (Crayola) #0D98BA

Bondi Blue #0095B6

Rich Electric Blue #0892D0

Cerulean #007BA7

Steel Blue #4682B4

Steel Teal #5F8A8B

Teal Green #006D5B

Medium Electric Blue #035096

Dark Electric Blue #536878

Midnight Green (Eagle Green) (Dark Teal) #004953

Charleston Green #1A2118