Color Report: Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

Repose gray Sherwin-Williams 7015 is a light gray neutral paint color that goes with everything.

According to Pinterest, this popular interior paint color is a top choice because it is considered a true gray with very little undertones.

This gray is part of Sherwin Williams paint collections including I am  Dreamer, and the Pottery Barn Kids – Fall/Winter 2019 Collection. These collection of paint color palettes show the versatility of this light gray neutral paint color. This shade of gray complements the soft pinks and blues as well as the dark grays in this paint color collection. Repose gray is a suitable room color for a neutral nursery or pair with an accent walls painted in one of the coordinating colors.  

What color is repose gray?

Repose gray is a light gray paint color with a very slight brownish undertone, a taupe rather than a blue or pink undertone. Most of the photos of this wall color on the interwebs  show rooms with tons of natural light from large gorgeous windows. In these rooms, the paint has a warm tone rather a cool tone. This gray wall color has a slightly blue undertone when I painted a sample in my northwest facing room. This room gets little light until about 3 pm and then it turns a bright warm yellow. My home has eaves so natural light is filtered by the exterior overhang. Repose Gray looks slightly blue rather than warm in my room because it is darker than the rooms shown on Google images.

The gray paint color is mixed using different amounts of colors in a light or dark base. Since the color is made using different percentages of colors the final color can have a visible color undertone. Gray tends to have a warm or cool undertone. Warm grays can have brown, pink, and yellow undertones and a cool gray paint color has blue, green or purple undertones.

Is agreeable gray lighter than repose gray

Both repose gray and agreeable gray are the lightest selection on their respective rows at the Sherwin-Williams paint store. They both look like light grays except repose gray is the lightest value of the dark taupe gray color Black Fox and Agreeable Gray is the lightest value of the dark brown color Status Bronze. Value is defined as the relative lightness or darkness of a color.  LRV 58 Light reflective value tells what percentage of the light the color reflects on a scale of 0 to 100. Repose Gray has  LRV 58 so it reflects more light and the color is light. The LRV number can be found on the paint chips. This can help you decide how light or dark you want your paint color to be. This number works on all colors except yellow which is a very light reflective color.

Repose gray has a LRV of 58 and the next darkest color of the paint strip is Mindful gray and it gas an LRV of 48. You can see the whole paint chip here  at the Sherwin Williams website

Does repose gray have blue undertones

At the paint store Repose gray looks like a light gray with a very slight brown undertone that gives the color its warmth. It was noticeable when I had x and y paint chips next to each other. Choosing a paint color is very subjective and the color can appear to change with surrounding colors, different light sources and the time of day.

The best way to choose a paint color is to bring home 20 paint chips in the general color you are looking for so you can see the color in your home. I know I want to paint my room a light gray or a medium gray. I also want a warm color so I look for paint colors that look more brown or tan at the darkest shade. I find it is easier to see the undertone at the darkest end of the spectrum. Once I see the warm undertone I grab the light and 2nd and 3rd lightest colors to take home. So at the paint store I look at every medium gray to light gray they offer and I take a pile of paint chips home.

I narrow down the paint chips to the top 10 that I think will look good in the room. I try to look at the colors throughout the day to see if any look terrible in no light or warm light. Once I get down to 5 gray hues, I go back to the paint store and get 2 to 3 paint samples. This time I got the 3 lightest values on the column of paint colors that started with Repose Gray, Mindful Gray and Dorian Gray. Sherwin Williams offers paint samples that cover 75 square feet, that is plenty of paint. You can purchase one sample of the top paint color, but I don’t want to run back and forth to the paint store.

Is repose gray a warm color?

Repose gray is considered a warm color because the base color is a brownish gray rather that a cool blue base. The color is light so it is hard to see the undertone, but you can see it in the darkest value, the Black Fox color. Brown is a warm neutral because it is a muted orange.

Color trends make gray the most popular interior paint color whether you are painting your family room, kithchen, bedroom or bathroom. Repose Gray can be used throughout your whole house because it will coordinate with almost all room color schemes.

Choosing  a room color palette to match repose gray

Southwest serenity

Shades of gray

Color pop

Calm tradition


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