Valentine’s color palette #0015

valentines color palette
valentines color palette

Valentine's Color Palette #0015

Fun Valentine’s Day color in this candy color scheme. Light red, light blue, mint green, light purple, and light pink make up this pastel color palette. Valentine candy colors are not the traditional Valentine Day colors like red, pink and white.  Valentine candy hearts  are a colorful and sugary treat on Valentine’s Day. This soft spring color palette can also be used for Easter.

hex code #cf8a8d

Pink is a traditional Valentine’s Day color palette. Pastel pink like candy hearts is a nice pastel color combination. Pastel pink goes with pastel yellow and light green.

hex code #c0e3da

Mint green ia a pastel color that goes with pink. This light green shade has a blue undertone. Mint green is a soft spring color for Easter color scheme or a Valentine’s Day color palette.

hex code #f4e8b2

Light yellow goes with pink and light blue. Pastel colors are light.

hex code #afa5c7

Light purple, or a lilac color is a Valentine’s Day color. Candy heart colors are a fun color combination for the holiday. Lemon yellow, bubblegum pink, sky blue, and mint green make a pastel color palette.

hex code #f0afa8

Valentines colors include shades of pink, red and white.

hex code #73c0d2

Light blue is not a traditional Valentines Day color but this light aqua blue is a candy color. Blue shades are candy heart Valentine’s Day treats.