teal blue color palette #012

teal color palette, richloom fabric, blue home decor fabric
teal color palette, richloom fabric, blue home decor fabric

Teal blue Color Palette #0012

Teal blue color palette with shades of dark blue, teal yellow and light green. This is a analogous color scheme. Harmonious shades of blue, green and yellow are in this beautiful home decor fabric from Richloom called St Moritz Carribbean Twill. Colors include teal gold kiwi peacock blue ivory and navy with gold metallic accents throughout the floral design. See other teal blue color schemes for home decor.

hex code #cfc39e

Light gray is a neutral color that goes with most colors. Gray goes with yellow. Yellow is a brighter color that also goes with teal blue and green.

hex code #e5c27a

Golden tan is a sandy beige with a yellow undertone. Tan is a warm light brown color, a very light shade of brown or yellow.The light honey tan goes with blue and yellow in this color palette

hex code #dbb330

Golden yellow is a warm shade of yellow. Yellow is a primary color

hex code #a5c04c

Green and teal blue color combination is found in nature, the color of the sky and grass. Teal blue goes with green because they are cool colors on the color wheel.

hex code #1b7e84

Teal blue is a combination of green and blue

hex code #dcd5aa

Navy blue and teal color combination is a mix of shades of blue. Blue colors goes with green and yellow.Teal blue is an equal combination of green and blue.

Teal blue color palette #012 free download .ase swatch file

Download your free .ase file of the blue and green colors in this 6 color teal blue palette or you can copy and paste the blue hex codes for the colors.

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