Repose Gray color scheme ideas

by Stacey Crawford

Repose Gray color scheme ideas include neutrals, black and white, brights, and blues. This light gray Sherwin-Williams paint color is very versatile and it looks good with most colors. Add these decorative throw pillows to your Repose Gray walls to change the style of your living room.

Repose Gray color scheme neutral colors

repose gray coordinating colors
  • Repose Gray SW 7015, a warm light gray with a slight brown undertone
  • Tamarind SW 7538, a medium tan with warm golden undertones
  • Black Fox SW 7020, dark charcoal gray with brown undertones
  • Caraibe SW 9090, warm dark medium brown

These colors are popular in the modern farmhouse style which uses neutral colors, greenery, minimal prints and wood. Stripes and tone-on-tone prints add a bit of visual interest without adding visual clutter. The neutral colors are calming and cozy because of the warm undertones.

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Repose Gray color scheme blue and tan

Equal parts of Repose Gray and blue blue and a light grayish tan make the perfect coordinating colors because these colors are found in nature. Add navy blue and medium tan accents for a coastal California living room. White trim and cabinets make this room light and airy like a day at the beach.

colors that go with repose gray
repose gray coordinating colors
  • Repose Gray SW 7015, light gray with brown undertone
  • Leisure Blue SW 6515, medium denim blue
  • Wool Skein SW 6164, tan with gray undertones
  • Seaworthy SW 7620, dark blue with cool undertones
  • Woven Wicker SW 9108, a medium tan with red undertones

Repose Gray color scheme black and white

Classic and graphic, black and white pillows add a punch without the distraction of too much color. Think the little black dress for your sofa. Mix and match prints for contrast and add a statement graphic pillow to express your personality.

repose gray walls
  • Repose Gray SW 7015, light gray neutral colors
  • Caviar SW 6990, black paint color
  • Alabaster SW 7008, white with warm undertones
  • Peppercorn SW 7674, dark charcoal gray
  • Highly Reflective White SW 7757. crisp white

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