Lilac Color report: add creativity to your home

lilac bedroom

What Color is Lilac?

The lilac color is a shade purple that resembles the flower by the same name. This purple color is a medium violet which is made by combining red and blue on the color wheel with a little bit of white. Lilac has a pink undertone, which makes this cool color warmer than lavender.

What Colors Go with Lilac?

  • gray
  • yellow
  • brown
  • pink
  • teal blue


Pictured above, a rug featuring shades of lilac, light purple, plum adds a pop of color to a neutral color living room

A lilac color palette for the home can make a statement.

When using the lilac color to decorate a home, use in the bedroom adult or kids bedroom. Thus shade of violet is a soft feminine color that can be used on the walls or add this color with your bedroom accessories.

Lilac Color and Brown Color Scheme

lilac color bedroom

A lilac and brown color combination is perfect for a teen bedroom. This is a youthful color scheme that is full of purple shades but doesn’t look like a baby nursery.

purple fabric
lilac paint colors

Transition Bedroom From Little Girl to Young Adult

Change the style of the bedroom from young girl to teenager without painting the lilac purple walls. The dark moody violet in the rug pairs with the pastel purple shade without looking childish. Add a grown up dark wood headboard and side table to your teen’s bedroom.

Lilac and Gray Color Scheme

lilac bedroom

A lilac and gray color palette is a very popular bedroom color scheme. Gray tones down the purple color and the lilac adds feminine energy to the neutral gray. They complement each other. This color combination can be used in  boho, shabby chic, modern or traditional decor styles.

lilac and gray

A gray and lilac bedroom can have soft lilac walls or gray walls. The wall color can be a dusty lilac or a more floral brighter shade. Gray is a popular wall color for the bedroom.

  • Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray SW 7015
  • Sherwin-Williams Forever Lilac SW 9067
  • Sherwin-Williams Inspired Lilac SW 6820
  • Sherwin-Williams Novel Lilac  SW 6836
  • Sherwin-Williams Serious Gray SW  6256

Lilac bedroom ideas

Similar Colors

Lilac is one of many shades of violet. Some of these common purple colors are muted or have a pink or light blue undertone.

  • Lavender
  • Magenta
  • Mauve
  • Periwinkle
  •  Aubergine
  • Royal purple
  • Violet

Lilac color ideas

These color palettes highlight the soft purple color and shows how lilac works with different colors to create different color moods. Sweet and feminine colors to moody jewel tones are in these color schemes, Color hex codes are under each of the colors.

purple color palette

Find even more color ideas with lilac with color combinations and hex codes