Light Coral HTML Color, Codes and Color Scheme

light coral

What Color is Light Coral?

Light coral is a warm orange pink that is a popular choice for weddings, home decor and even nail polish. There is something warm and inviting about coral. Light coral is one of 140 colors that browsers recognize. It pairs well with Indian Red, Pink and soft yellows. It also looks great with medium aquamarine and medium turquoise.

HTML Color Codes

COLOR NAMELightcoral
RGB240, 128, 128
Light Coral

How to Use HTML Colors

HTML color names can be used with inline HTML styles or in a separate CSS stylesheet, just as you would use hex color codes.

<!-- In your HTML document -->
  <h1 style="color:lightcoral">Light Coral Title Text</h1>
  <p style="color:SlateGray">Slate gray paragraph text</p>
/* In your .css stylesheet */
h1 { color: IndianRed; }
p { color: SlateGray; }

Web Safe Version of Light Coral

Web safe or browser safe colors read the same across all browsers. There are 216 colors that are in the standard web palette. If you are looking for a color that closely resembles light coral, this one will work.

HEX  #ff9999RGB 255, 153, 153


Light Coral Color Scheme

color scheme with light coral, pink indian red and peachy yellows

Pink #ffc0cb

Light Coral #F08080

Indian Red #cd5c5c

Peach Puff #ffdab9

Papaya Whip #ffefd5

More Color Combos for Light Coral

light coral analogous
Light Coral Analogous Palette

Light Coral Paint Colors

Pinkadelic P160 5 by Behr

All Dressed Up P160-3 by Behr

Sugar Poppy P170-4 by Behr