Feng Shui for the Bedroom: Ideas for Creating a Peaceful Retreat

When it comes to feng shui for the bedroom, color is one of the most important feng shui cures in home decorating. Because the bedroom is one of the most important spaces in feng shui, you should take your time when choosing colors and items for this room.

What is Feng Shui?

Decorating your home according to the ancient Chinese practice of using the five elements to balance your Chi energy will make your home a peaceful sanctuary. But what is feng shui? Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement. This placement affects the energy or Chi of your home. That energy affects you and the events in your life.

The words feng shui translate to of wind and water. This alludes to the flow of energy that surrounds us at all times. The energy can be good and make us feel in harmony with our environment. For example, when you walk into a room that feels comfortable and inviting, that room has good Chi. A room that feels icky, for lack of a technical term, the energy is low.

When you create a room that has balance between the five elements — earth, water, wood, metal and fire — there is good energy. Color symbolizes each of these elements. 

The Importance of Color in Feng Shui for the Bedroom

Feng shui for the bedroom can create energy


The meaning of colors in feng shui is just as important to your design as how they look. Use color to energize your bedroom and attract positive energy. You don’t have to be a feng shui master to use the colors of fire, earth, water wood, and metal to create a happy home.

Different colors can cause you to feel different emotions there’s no doubt about that. Think about how you feel when you wear clothing in certain colors. Just like wearing certain colors in your clothes bring out varying emotions, so do the colors in your home.

Some colors stir your passion while others create a feeling of serenity. Bright colors can make you feel upbeat and give a sense of optimism for your day, whereas dark colors tap into a different energy.

The colors used in your bedroom have the ability not just to stir your emotions, but color can also be used to create the changes you want to see happen for your life. Whether you want to attract money, improve your love relationship or simply have good energy, you can do this by changing your room décor. These changes can be made by simply changing or rearranging your pillow covers.

Use Pillow Covers for Creating Feng Shui for the Bedroom

Pillow covers are a simple and quick way to change the color scheme of a room. Rather than paint a room or buy new furniture, changing your pillow covers on your sofa, chair or bed can enhance your energy with the right colors.

Some rooms will make you feel happy while other rooms will make you feel depressed. Why is that?

Colors in Feng Shui are either in the Yin or the Yang category and bring up the different emotions you feel.

For example, Yin colors promote health and calmness while Yang colors promote a sense of enthusiasm. They’re different energies. A color scheme is not only for our eyes but it can be the difference between a restful room or a room design that energizes. 

The Truth About Neutrals

While there are some people who believe that white or black are neutral and don’t really have any energy, it’s not so. White stands for purity while black stands for achievement and power. Use the color white in your home to radiate confidence. 

This color is best used in kitchens or for a bathroom. The color black can cause negative emotions if used as a wall color. Instead, use it in the decorations within the room such as the furniture or accent pieces.

Feng Shui Colors for the Bedroom

Red — Use With Care



Red stirs energy. It can have negative energy if used in rooms like the kitchen. Be mindful and use sparingly in the bedroom, this high energy color can disrupt your sleep. Use accent pillows to add a pop of red that can be removed from the bed when you sleep.

The red color represents the fire element. Red is a warm color and symbolizes passion.

You don’t have to use a bright fire engine red to add the fire element. Pink, which is a lighter value of red, burnt orange, burgundy and mustard yellow are also fire element colors.

These colors are found on the warm side of the color wheel. These fire colors energize the area of the house they are displayed in and should be used as accent colors. The warm colors add passion to your romantic relationship and excitement to your everyday life like the happy energy of the sun.

Orange — Friendly Fire Element

Orange stimulates the bedroom’s  energy as well. This color can range from dark red-orange to light apricot.

This energetic color is hard to find in home décor, it is not typically the top color choice like blue or green. This makes for the perfect pop of color that will add good energy to any room design.

The fiery shade brings to mind sitting with friends around a campfire. Orange is a social color so add it to your family room where this happy color will add to the good vibes associated with gathering with your favorite people.

This fire element color catches your eye. It is used in fun artsy interiors as well as eclectic global décor.

In the Mood For Love? Think Pink

Pink is a one of the best colors to add to your bedroom. It is the color of love and sensuality. Blush pink, coral, orchid or dark pink are colors that accentuate your skin tone and mimic the rosy cheeks of passion.

I am not a fan of pink but even I have a muted pink accent pillow with the word love in blush pink in a chair in my master bedroom.

Your love life will thank you. If you do love the color you can add more but remember it is a fiery color. Too much can make for sleepless nights, so remember to balance the room’s energy with a water element color like blue or black.

Use the Color Blue to Soothe

blue floral pillows

The color blue is calming and should be used in rooms where you need a sense of calmness. Blue represents the water element, it is calming and cleansing.  Décor items in this color are easy to add to your room.

Blue comes in all different shades from a deep rich indigo, to a muted robin’s eggshell. This color symbolizes dependability and increases creativity. Blue is perfect for a home office or a child’s room.  This is the reason blue painted walls look so relaxing in a spa bathroom or a master bedroom retreat.

Black is also a water color, mysterious like the depths of the ocean at night. This color is used in sleek modern design.

Black is the Color of Money — Avoid Using it in the Bedroom

Nuetrals such as black and white have feng shui energy not ideal for your bedroom.

Black adds sophistication and adds drama to room décor by contrasting with the other colors. Sprinkle in this water color to add instant drama to your color scheme.

This color attracts money so add a couple of black pillow covers to your entryway bench to attract money to your home.

Earth Colors to Consider in Feng Shui for the BedroomNuetrals can also play a part in feng shui for the bedroom

Yellow is a good color to use in Feng Shui for kitchens, and bedrooms. It’s a color that signifies emotions of optimism and cheerfulness, which is probably why the yellow color has been a long-standing favorite color for kitchens. 

The light butter yellow shade is considered an earth element color. This light yellow is a brighter color than the typical sand, terra cotta or traditional beige. Darker yellows are considered a fire color.

Tan is the color of earth whether it is desert sands or canyon cliffs. Earth tones are classic colors like taupe, beige and khaki that hold up over the decades. A stable color that can make you feel like you are home. It is nourishing your soul.

Muted earth colors like terra cotta and sand in the striated layers of a desert canyon evoke a connection to the earth and a grounded feeling in your home. Use as your wall color or large furniture pieces.

Green — The Shade of Growth and Jealousy 


Just like green plants in nature, the color green is used in homes give the sign of growth. This hue represents the wood element. However, the negative side to this color is that it symbolizes jealousy – so don’t use it to paint the living room walls.  

If you want to add the color to your bedroom, choose the softer shades such as sage. 

You don’t have to add kelly green décor items, these green shades—sage, mint or olive greens work to represent the wood element. Green complements fire colors and creates harmonious vibes with water element colors. You don’t have to add lucky bamboo, add a pillow with plant leaves to get rid of stagnant energy.

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