7 no-fail colors that go with yellow

yellow living room decor example

What are the best colors that go with yellow? It is an often overlooked color that is complex. Yellow is not everyone’s first choice these days, but don’t shy away from the primary color. It plays nice with these 7 colors and adds a happy pop of color.

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How do you add yellow to a room?

Yellow is the quintessential color for warmth and coziness. In some cultures, it is the color of abundance and joy. You don’t have to add a smiley face shade of yellow to your home decor, khaki, goldenrod and cream will do the trick to add a little sunshine inside your home.

Add a Little Color Yellow

Living room decor yellow with just an accent of earthy goldenrod
cream color scheme

Did you know khaki is a muted shade of yellow? Next to the Goldenrod, the first color in this palette, Khaki doesn’t look so boring/ Add Khaki with yellow to help temper the color without taking away its warmth. Add a butter yellow like in the flower painting or mustard yellow like in the chair pillows.

With the browns of the couch, creams, and khakis you add a pop of interest with this living room decor yellow. It brightens the room without being brash.

Ok, now that you’ve dipped your toe into what yellow can do for your living room, let’s take it a step further.

Add a Splash More Yellow Room accents

Add more yellow to your living room if you are a little more adventurous. In this instance, we pair a brighter more citrusy yellow with a dark blue. The watery indigo shades are a complementary color to the pops of cheery yellow. This means the colors are opposite on the color wheel.

Adding the contrasting blue color to living room decor yellow really makes it pop.

When you want to create contrast and energy in a room, you can pull in opposite colors on the color wheel. The indigo and blues can be a bit heavy, whereas the yellow needs a bit of cooling off. There is balance to this combination, even though the yellow is brighter and more prominent than in our first example.

yellow blue palette

Make a Yellow Living room Statement

Sunshine yellow everywhere, use other contrasting colors as accents. This living room decor makes a statement, you love yellow. This living room has a happy energy, no need to let the sunlight in.

Yellow artwork and a large area rug adds lots of color to a small apartment or a rental home. When you add warm colors to a room, you add energy. In feng shui, the color symbolizes the earth element, so it has a grounding effect. It is also the color of the center of your home, which represents health.

This living room decor yellow is vibrant and intense, but still beautiful.

Still, the color is not overwhelming or garish. It lifts the mood in the room and gives it energy. Now that you have a few solid ideas for living room decor yellow won’t be such an out-there thought.

In fact, all of these yellow items are temporary. Wall art, lamps, rugs, pillow colors and the accent pieces can all be replaced, depending on the season. Go yellow for summer and fall and choose a cool indigo or teal for winter and spring.

Yellows to consider for home decor are:

Lemon Chiffon #FFFACD

Lemon Yellow #FDFF00

Mellow Yellow #F8DE7E

Khaki #C3B091

Goldenrod #DAA520

Yellow Paint Colors

If you want to make the color more permanent and prominent in your room, these are a few interior paint colors that will add a beautiful shade of yellow. Sherwin Williams offers a mind-boggling selection of paint colors. These were some of our favs.

Overjoy SW 6689

Lemon Chiffon SW 6686

Venetian Yellow SW 1666

Pineapple Cream SW 1668

What colors go with yellow?



blue and yellow room

navy blue

yellow and navy decor


yellow and gray decor


yellow and brown

dark pink

yellow and dark pink room

Shopping list: yellow and dark pink home decor accents

World Globe
navy blue lamps
Navy and gold lamps
dark pink sofa
yellow pillow cover
yellow boho pillow cover
yellow chair
yellow damask chair
yellow room decor
yellow shag pillow
floral pillow
modern art
pink shag pillow
pink and yellow area rug
yellow lumbar pillow cover

light pink

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