Color Palettes

Teal Color Scheme

what color is teal

This teal color scheme is calming like the ocean. Use the teal color scheme in a bedroom to create a tranquil place to sleep. This complementary color scheme of teal is not visually harsh. These calming complementary colors are found in nature along the ocean. Instead of orange, the complementary color of blue, shades of …

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Salmon Color Scheme wedding

peach color scheme

Walk down the aisle with this beautiful color combination in your wedding flowers. Soft shades of pink and cream temper the rich salmon color and this creates a gorgeous display of color. Peachy pinks are the perfect hue for a summer wedding. This is a stunning color looks great on save the date and wedding …

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Crimson Red Color Scheme

crimson palette

Crimson Color Palette Crimson Red Hex Codes Crimson red color scheme showcases the robust red of crimson. It is a popular red color for universities, although this named version is bright and seductive. This warm color palette is deep red and shades of red just like the pomegranate. The dark reds highlight the crimson’s wow …

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Dark Salmon Color Scheme

This dark salmon color scheme showcases this muted version of salmon. Dark salmon is more of a neutral than the center of attention, however. This color palette is dark and mysterious. The dark salmon color pairs well with deep reds, smokey purples and black. This color palette is perfect for a fall wedding, swanky dinner …

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Salmon Color Scheme

salmon color scheme

How better to showcase the salmon color scheme than the delicious salmon fish? We create contrast with pops of bright green that make this color scheme fresh and fun. The salmon color also goes well with pink and yellow. It congers feelings of warm summer days and inviting conversations Find out more about related colors …

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Light Coral Color Scheme

light coral color scheme with pink and yellows

This light coral color scheme has luscious orange-y pinks and yellows. They are muted but definitely not boring. The light coral color goes well with pink and yellow. Think roses, wedding colors or just add some warmth to a room. Find out more about pink, Indian Red and light coral. Pink #ffc0cb Light Coral #f08080 …

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Easter Color Scheme Pretty Pastels

Easter color scheme

This Easter color scheme is filled to the brim with pretty pastels, perfect for the holiday. Soft yellows, greens, pinks, purples and blues are as sweet as the confections you might find in your Easter basket. This Easter color palette is perfect for an Easter dinner table setting or spring birthday party, baby shower or …

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Pink Color Palette With Color Codes

pink color palette

Bright and sassy pink add energy and a hint of flirty fun to your project. This analogous color selection is perfect for spring. These pinks will have you daydreaming of snapdragons, zinnias, cherry blossoms, and carnations. Pink Color Palette Codes #fb8daa #dc92cd #e99ebf #f48dd4 #e179b8

Red, Red-Violet Color Palette

red violet color palette

This is where red meets violet and they do a little dance among the stars. Firey red and violet or purple come together to create a bit of magic. A red wine color. bright pinks and mauve come along too. #ce012a #66104d #730135 #d45e8e #ff3e7a

Red Orange Color Palette Calienté Bright

bright red orange color palette

This hot bright red and orange color palette screams caliente! Deep, rich dark red, red, orange-red, orange and orange-yellow are all in this analogous color group. Use it on your fall projects or if you simply want to add some spice. Is it warm in here? Color Codes #971031 #ca032a #f92f17 #ec4e05 #fd8127