ocean blue color palette #010

blue color palette
blue color palette

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Ocean blue color palette made up of monochromatic shades of blue. This blue color scheme includes ocean colors from dark teal blue to light gray blue. Six blue shades with the color hex codes to add to your color swatches. Teal, turquoise, light blue, and aqua blue are some of the blue colors with hex codes.


hex code #074a5e


hex code #077395


hex code #5b9299


hex code #8dc1cf


hex code #aadbe1


hex code #b8bec0

blue color palette #010 free download .ase swatch file

Download your free .ase file of the blue colors in this 6 color blue monochromatic palette or you can copy and paste the blue hex codes for the colors.

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blue color palette, ocean color scheme, monochromatic color scheme

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