Birthday Cake Coloring Pages Free to Download

Happy birthday! Use the birthday cake coloring sheet to make a homemade birthday card for someone you love. These free coloring pages can be a fun activity at your child’s next birthday party. Have each guest use their favorite colors to bring this free coloring page to life.

Most of these cakes are a piece of cake to color, so kids of all ages can color these free birthday coloring pages. 

Why do We Have Birthday Cakes?

It is believed that the tradition of serving cake at a birthday can be traced to the Roman culture, where a dessert resembling the cake was given at special birthday celebrations and weddings. But the consensus is that Germany introduced what we now recognize as the birthday cake. 

Cakes were enjoyed during the 15th century at the festival Kinderfest, which was a celebration of children’s birthdays. The cakes were bread-like and not as sweet as today’s cakes. Sweeter cakes did not come about in this area until much later.

By the 17th century, bakeries in Germany began marketing cakes with more layers for birthdays. This concept was a big change, because until then the layered cake was only used for expensive celebrations. These early birthday cakes were much like the cakes of today with decorations and detailed icing. 

Western cultures today use cakes or pastries for birthday celebrations, and there is no one standard used. The words ‘Happy Birthday’ were not added to the cake until after the song had become popular. 

The song gained popularity in the 1900s and different variations exist in different cultures today. 

Why Do We Put Candles on a Birthday Cake? 

Candles on a birthday cake goes back as far as the Ancient Greeks. It is said the Greeks created round cakes to honor the goddess, Artemis, who was the goddess of the moon. 

The candles represented the moon’s glow. When they blew the candles out, they believed the smoke carried their wishes to the gods living in the sky. Another theory says that the Germans are responsible for birthday candles, as they thought them to be the ‘the light of life’.

But history lesson aside, these birthday cake images are almost as sweet as the real piece of cake. Kids of all ages love cake, but coloring birthday cake has no sugar and no sugar crashes. You can color these tiered cake chocolate cake and vanilla.  

Birthday celebrations are meant for children to have fun. Make sure to use vibrant color to bring these coloring sheets to life. But don’t just use these for birthdays, these free printable birthday cake coloring pages can be used for any special holiday. We have big cakes, small cakes, cakes with candles and cakes without candles. Add some coloring time to your next party, you’ll have so much fun.

Birthday cake drawing. Outline of a three tiered cake with 3 candles
Birthday cake coloring sheet for 3 year old. Three tiered birthday cake drawing.
Birthday cake coloring pages, three candles on a cake for third birthday.
Free birthday cake coloring page, no candles easy cake to color.
Birthday cake coloring page. The cake has 5 candles for fifth birthday free download
Birthday cake coloring page. The cake has 5 candles for fifth birthday free download
Two tiered cake with 3 birthday candles coloring sheet birthday cake
Birthday cake coloring she for third birthday cute cake with sprinkles
Coloring page birthday cake for 4 year old
Birthday cake with lots of candles free coloring page
free downloadable birthday cake coloring page. 12-year-olds birthday
Cake with stars free birthday cake coloring sheet no candles
Drawing of a cake with cherries, free printable birthday cake.
First birthday cake coloring page, free printable

These sweet birthday cake coloring pages will add fun to your next celebration. They are 8×10 print quality drawings that fit nicely on an 8.5 inch by 11 inch piece of standard paper. Simply download the PDF file and print these free birthday cake drawings. Choose and use as many of these as you want for personal use. You can also shrink the images to create banners and table decorations. Use your imagination and happy birthday.