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Balanced Beige SW7037

balanced beige cabinets
  • LRV 46

    The Light Reflective Value ranges from 1 to 100. The higher the number, the more light it reflects.

  • Color Numbers

    R:192 G:178 B:162
    Hex: #c0b2a2

  • Find It

    Top 50 Colors
    Location Number: 249-C2

  • Warm

    Balanced B beige is a warm paint color. It is is a true beige with no greige or taupe to it.

  • Undertones

    Balanced Beige is a true beige. Rather than golden undertones the undertones for this paint color a on the gray side.

  • Honey Oak Cabinets?

    Because Balanced Beige and honey oak are warm shades, they create a monochromatic, calm effect.

balanced beige living
balanced beige living
balanced beige kitchen
balanced beige kitchen
beige laundyroom
balanced beige laundry room
balanced beige with honey oak
balanced beige with honey oak

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