Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White SW 7035

Aesthetic White SW7035

bedroom with aesthetic white paint color

Is Aesthetic White a warm or cool color?

Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White is a warm white, however if used in a room with north-facing light, the paint color can look more greige. It is best for south facing areas of your home or rooms that get western light. Then you will see a creamy white that is absolutely gorgeous. 

Aesthetic White LRV

LRV for aesthetic white

Aesthetic White SW 7035 has an LRV of 73.

The Light Reflective Value, or LRV ranges from 1 to 100. The higher the number, the more light it reflects. This paint color is at the upper range of light reflective value, therefore it is fairly light. Other whites such as Sherwin Williams Alabaster has an LRV of 82, which means it is a brighter color.  

Most whites can be used throughout your home and create a more spacious feel to your space. The Higher the LRV, the bigger the room feels. 

Sherwin Williams Alabaster and Aesthetic White

Aesthetic White Color Strip

Color strip for Aesthetic White SW 7035

Aesthetic White is on the color strip with Heron Plum SW 6030, Zurich White SW 7626, White Heron SW 7627, Windfresh White SW 7628, City Loft SW 7631 and Origami White SW 7636.

The RGB and hex code for Aesthetic White are:




Hex: #E3DDD3


Aesthetic White undertones

Aesthetic White has greige undertones — or a blend of gray and beige. It is a favorite color for home staging because Aesthetic White goes with virtually every type and color of furniture. 

Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White in the living room

aesthetic white living room
aesthetic white living room
aesthetic white living area
aesthetic white living area

Aesthetic White is great for a living room because its slightly greige color can hide scuff marks that may happen in a family room. Anyone who has children understands how much of a benefit this is!

The color looks good with many furnishings. It will also help make your living room look more spacious, so when family time rolls around the walls won’t feel like they are closing in. 

Aesthetic White cabinets

aesthetic white cabinets
aesthetic white cabinets

Aesthetic White dining room

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