12 sunset color palette ideas for Procreate

Sunset color palette

12 sunset color palette for Procreate to add to your color swatches. These colorful palettes range from vibrant colors to paste l pink. Golden yellows, shades of orange and navy blue are some of the colors in these color swatches. Warm colors and deep colors make these 12 handpicked color palettes a must to add to your Procreate palettes

1. Vibrant sunset color palette

Sunset color palette

Rich vibrant shades of warm colors, orange, yellow, and purple. The colors include, butter yellow, tangerine, carrot orange, rust, light peach, brick red, merlot, wine, and sienna. These warm colors are also fall colors and perfect for fall weddings..

2. Pastel Purple Color Palette

Pastel purple color combination

Soft purple shades with pink and blue undertones make this pastel color palette so pretty. Lilac, lavender, periwinkle, heather, sky blue, dusty lilac, thistle, colors of flowers, steel blue, and pigeon. Colors of purple sunset make this light color palette a feminine color combination. This violet color combination is an analogous color scheme.

3. Urban Color Palette

Urban sunset

Sunlight bouncing off the glass and steel of New York City skyline. Shades of yellow, including tan and dark khaki, combine with dark gray, gunmetal grey, French gray, and charcoal. Earth tones and rich blacks and brown are not the typical pink and purple sunset color scheme.

4. River City Skyline

Cityscape colors

Turquoise, dark blue, steel blue, and aqua blue are in this river city sunset color palette swatch file for Procreate. Warm shades of taupe and orange from the sun drenched buildings complements the water colors of blue and green.

5. Muted Orange and Gray Beach Color Palette

Gray and orange

Muted color palette with orange, brown, gray and black. This could be considered a fall color palette with the orange and black Halloween color combo.

6. Pastel Pink Color Palette

Pastel pink color scheme

Pastel pink colors from pale pink, light rose and blush pink to earthy pink colors like lipstick colors of dusty rose, nude pink and muted peach. Boho wedding colors for invitations, soft color palette, pink brown and gray color combinations. Taupe, peach, mauve, light mauve, greige, beige, charcoal gray, salmon,light salmon, mocha, latte, and sand.

7. Shades of Orange Color Palette

Orange and purple color combo

Coral and pink color combination in this sunset color palette for wedding floral illustrations, and surface design. This is a monochromatic color scheme of warm colors. This collection includes peach, light orange, apricot, orange peel, carrot orange, pumpkin, coral, Persian orange, champagne pink, pale pink, tango pink, and Chilean pink.

8. Iceland Color Palette

Blue procreate color palette

Cool blue shades from indigo and navy to periwinkle blue and cornflower to pale sky blue. This is a winter sunset color palette.

9. Gray and Orange Color Palette

Shades of orange

This color palette for orange sunset has bright orange, yellow shades, and dark warm colors. A dark sunset makes a contrasting color combination. This free color palette for Procreate can be downloaded here.

10. Golden Yellow Color Palette

Monochromatic yellow

Yellow shades from mustard to brown, light yellow, butter, taupe, beige, and gold. Other shades of yellow are mellow yellow, royal yellow, golden tan, and khaki.

11. Empire Color Palette

City color palette

City sunset color palette of the Empire State Building in New York City include colors of the sky and concrete and glass buildings. Yellow, orange, and gray blues are in this free procreate color palette download.

Amber Color Palette

Beach color palette

Soft amber, golden hues of sunlight, and sandy browns are part of this tropical color combination. These are not typical tropical colors, but they are island sunset colors. Amber, latte, sand, peach, taupe and chocolate brown.

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