12 Fall color palettes Procreate colors

Get these 12 Fall color palette swatches for free. Simply download these Procreate color swatches by clicking the link under the photo. The warm colors on the color wheel. Red, orange, yellow, warm green, plum and browns are typical fall colors. These free Procreate color palettes will help you with Procreate coloring pages. You can use these in any Procreate artwork. These color palette swatch files only work in Procreate. These color palette files cannot be opened in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

1. Crunchy Leaves Fall color palette

This is a warm color palette full of warm crimson red, mustard yellow and gold like fall leaves. Copper brown, rust orange and all the shades of colors in between are in this color palette for autumn artwork. Camel, tan, mustard yellow, brick red, lilac, mocha, orange, and esspresso. Download Crunchy Fall Leaves

2. Pumpkin Patch color palette

Shades of orange and green with accents of yellow are the colors in a fall pumpkin patch. These are colors found in nature, so they coordinate with each other. This pumpkin color palette is a must for your fall designs. Download Pumpkin Patch

3. Campfire blanket colors

Fall procreate palette

This warm color palette has shades of orange and  brick red like a campfire, and the complementary colors of navy blue, teal blue and blue gray. This complementary color palette will add visual interest  Orange and blue color combination works for autumn. Download Campfire Blanket

4. Autumn maize yellow color palette

Yellow color palette

A yellow color palette is very traditional for fall designs.  Think ears of tri-color corn in deep golden yellow, sienna, and dark brown. This could also be called a Thanksgiving color palette. These warm colors of tan, rust, and chocolate brown are perfect for a Thanksgiving table textiles or a November wedding. Download yellow color palette

5. Dia de los Muertos color palette

The is a festive color palette for the Day of the Dead celebration in November.  Sugar skull colors of pink, orange, and red are the main colors for this vibrant color scheme. pinks, corals, and black accent colors. Download Dia de los Muertos

6. Purple color palette for Halloween

Purple procreate color palette

Rich colors like plum, magenta, merlot, and deep violet coordinate with the muted orange, tan and brown in this witchy color palette for Halloween. These jewel tone colors  are popular fall wedding combinations.  Use this color palette for floral design inspiration, wedding invitations, or Halloween illustrations. Download Witchy Skies

7. Zombie color palette

Zombie mycologists palette

Think retro zombie horror movies with green flesh and tattered clothes. Brain shades of pink to add to your horror movie color palette. Shades of green from chartreuse to forest green. Download Retro Zombies

8. Nightmare color palette for Halloween

Haunted house colors in shades of gray,  muted blues, and muted green make this Halloween color palette a must to add to color swatch library. This muted color palette is creepy, perfect for Halloween. Download Nightmare in Color

9. Golden Harvest

Bright blue crisp fall sky with the wheat harvest shining like gold in the warm sunshine. Shades of cobalt, azure, sky blue, cornflower blue, teal, and royal blue pair perfectly with earthy goldenrod, mustard yellow, gold, cognac brown, tan and taupe. Download Golden Harvest color palette

10. Autumn Fog in the Trees

Shades of gray and golden yellows make up this muted fall color palette. Greige color scheme is like a dreary fall morning. This yellow and gray color combo is also a popular home decor color scheme. Download Autumn Fog

11. Halloween bouquet gothic color palette

Shades of purple, gold, deep orange, grays, and black are perfect for your Halloween floral illustrations. Use the purple color palette in Procreate coloring books too. Download Gothic Bouquet

12. Muted pumpkins color scheme

Light orange, pear green, light chartreuse, olive green, butter yellow, pale sky blue, and muted teal are part of this farmhouse Fall color scheme. Download Muted Pumpkin Color Palette